The QAA department is a coordinating hub of all QAA activities at Alfaisal University with the aim to harmonize various QAA aspects/activities within the University. The fundamental aim of the department is to put in place comprehensive plans, mechanisms and systems to monitor and evaluate the quality of provision of all services and activities of the University with the aspirations to:

  •  Enable Alfaisal University to assure itself and its stakeholders that the University's policies, systems and processes for the development, maintenance and enhancement of QAA in all its educational and service delivery provisions are functioning effectively. 
  •  Continuously improve the QAA plans and systems, through reviews, streamlining and modernizing of QA functions, policies, regulations and their supporting procedures.
  •  Enable Alfaisal University to identify areas of strengths and excellence as well as areas in need of focused attention for continuous improvement in the short, medium and long-term and undertake a periodic critical self-evaluation in terms of its activities, learning and teaching, research, community engagement and support services. 
  •  Provide benchmarking with international best practices and evidence-based approaches. 
  •  Facilitate and coordinate internal and external reviews as well as institutional and programme accreditation activities on behalf of the university. Provide quality culture where everyone understands, uses and feels ownership of QAA systems within the institution.
  •  As part of our continuous quality improvement, QAA department Develop a database for all evidences, policies, regulations and QAA activities at Alfaisal University.