General features for the award :

Research papers' studies are accepted from Saudi researchers (male & female) and residents (male & female) as well.

The winner is given:100,000 S.R .

Merit -certificate signed by the president of the award council.

Memorandum contains the award logo.

Joint-research is accepted, in case of winning the financial award is to be shared equally. .

Announcing for the project of the award in its second session recommencing on 7 Jamadi thani 1433 H, researchers are given 10 months as a period for completion their researches, as well as the third session will be announced 1434 H Inshallah with the announcing of the winner/s at the second session. .

The council hold the right to use the awarded research to serve improving the culture of Islamic economics; copies of the awarded research will be kept in the library of Prince Sultan College of Business.

The committee members: 
a) receiving the research projects; 
b) the jury committee shall determine research standards and procedures in coordination with the president of the council or (the vice- president).