The Goals of Student Affairs Administration:

Rehabilitation of generation to serve his religion and country with honesty and sincerity through raising national awareness among students and refining their characters, socially , psychologically and educationally ;in addition , developing their personal skills and enhancing their loyalty through participation in various student bodies and clubs.
Discovering the student's skills and activating the participation of students in decision-making through cultural, social and athletic activities.

Giving a new dimension to the relationship between the student and the College members and enhancing this relationship.
Facilitating the student's university life and providing the necessary care and services that enable him to achieve this goal.
Preparing students for the labor market by providing them with the necessary skills to do so, and providing opportunities for support, training and rehabilitation, as well as helping them to identify suitable jobs for their majors.

Supporting positive values and habits in building and developing young university students, as well as developing a culture of democracy, human rights, justice, equality and respect of the other.
Spreading the spirit of group work and strengthening the national unity.

Developing voluntary tendencies, social cooperation and the spirit of public service among students.
Comprehending the students' personality and help them to overcome the obstacles they may face in their educational attainment.

Taking care of students and developing their abilities to be active members in their community.