Sections of Student Affairs Administration:

Students’ Services & Activities:
The Administration of Student affairs seeks to provide a university environment that is in compliance with the philosophy of civilization adopted by the College, the Administration takes care of various students’ issues through the office of Students Issues with a view to help them facing their private and public problems and searching for appropriate means to overcome the obstacles that may disturb their university lives through:

First: Students' Services:
  • Welcoming the new students
  • receiving grant and recruitment applications and providing a practical study about it to the Student funds Committee
  • receiving the missing things and hand them over to their owners
  • Following up the level of services provided to students and providing possible suggestions to improve them..

Second: Students’ Issues:
  • receiving all various students’ complaints
  • Following up and resolving students’ issues with various concerned parties within and outside the college
  • Organizing behavior and guidance awareness campaigns among students with regard to the requirements of civilized behavior and disciplinary sanctions.
Sport activities:

With respect to sport activities, the Student Affairs Administration seeks to achieve the following objectives
  • disseminating sport activities to include the largest possible number of students from the college.
  • Achieving tendencies and desires of the students in practicing sport and scout activities.
  • Assisting in building college generation of athletes who possess moral characters and straight behaviors.
  • Creating bridges of good relations with local community in particular and with the Saudi society in general.
  • Strengthening ties with various Saudi universities, educational institutions, sport and social bodies.
  • Organizing, setting up and supervising local sport championships and courses as well as scout camps.
  • Raising the level of technical skills of Sport Faculty teams in various games.
  • Highlighting the role of the College in the local community through participating in sport activities and championships as well as scout activities at the university level and others.
  • Honoring the winners in various sport activities at Saudi Arabia level and abroad.
  • Participating in the activities of Sport Federation for Saudi Universities.
  • Participating in religious, national, and social ceremonies within and outside the college.

Social & Educational Guidance Section:

Within the interests of the Student Affairs administration in the students' mental health , it helps students in taking correct decisions regarding   specialization and learning the necessary skills for academic and social success. Hence, the Administration of Student Affairs provides its services to all College students whether they face problems or not, its objectives can be summarized as follows:
  • Helping new students to get along with their new university lives and overcome obstacles they may face.
  • Educational Guidance Services: This includes assisting students in facing the academic difficulties they face and improving their study skills.
  • Vocational & Educational Guidance, which aims to assist students in taking appropriate decisions about specializations and career opportunities.
  • Assistance services for psychological, social and family adjustment through mastering skills such as independence of thinking and communication methods.
  • Developing guidance programs and brochures to be used in addressing the problems of students.
  • Helping students with special needs to integrate into the university environment and overcome the difficulties they may face through making case studies for them.
The principles upon which the guidance services depend are as follows:
  • Guidance is an educational process based on upgrading of trends, habits and skills that lead to mental health and psychological adjustment; it begins to reveal the factors that cause the adaptive problems and try to remove them.
  • The objective of guidance process is not only solving the current problem, but also to helping the guided how to learn the method of solving problems.
  • Guidance is optional process that respects the freedom of the guided in decision-making.
  • The Guide shall examine the problem of the guided from all its sides and exert all possible effort.
  • The Guide shall keep the secrets of the guided in all stages of guidance process.

Employment & Graduates' Follow-Up Section:

Arising from the interest of the Administration of Prince Sultan College to provide the best and most prestigious student services , we also work on following-up the graduates in order to achieve the following objectives:
  • Assisting in providing employment opportunities for students after graduation that are in compliance with their specializations ,interests and capabilities.
  • Building information system for the Human Resources that includes graduates and labor market needs.
  • monitoring the career situation of college graduates and preparing studies on their working lives in terms of harmonization of the nature of works with the specializations available in the College
  • promoting a culture of productive work and encouraging students to reject the culture of shame through:
  • Partnership and integration with civil society institutions concerning human resources studies and developing them as well as recruiting and following-up the college graduates.
  • assisting students through providing training opportunities after graduation permanently or temporarily during the undergraduate study level
  • helping students through supporting them with necessary information to complete postgraduate studies