It is a Council of students elected by all College students, its seats are distributed according to the proportion of representation that is in conformity with the number of students in different specializations, it is responsible for following up student’s issues and carrying out different activities to achieve the goals and philosophy of the college. The college pays all attention and care for the council and it has an independent budget with a view to enable it to carry out the duties and tasks vested to it.

The Council’s Members are elected periodically through an election that is supervised by the College Administration and the administration of Student Affairs to ensure the security and count votes fairly.

Student Council Memebers (2011-2012):

Mohammed Fahed Ghanim Al-Harabi (Chairman of Student Council)
Mohammed Nedhal Ahmad Hamoudi
Husam Fahed Al-shareef
Mohammed Abdulrahman Badreeq
Mohammed Saber Al-Ghamidi
Ahmed Ghazi Al-sleimani
Rateb Bassam Mohammed Jaa’far
Abdullah Ahmed Asa’d