To graduate from PS-CoB, students must complete a minimum of 132 credits of work in a bachelor’s degree program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 on a 5 point scale. The graduation ceremony is held each academic year at the end of the second Semester.

Students must apply for graduation by filing an application to graduate form at the beginning of the graduating semester. Requests for graduating are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office to verify completion of degree requirements. Students are typically expected to apply to graduate the semester prior to the semester in which they expect to be awarded a degree. Students who wish to withdraw a request for graduation or make changes to the graduation application should notify the Registrar’s Office in writing. Students who withdraw their graduation applications or fail to meet degree requirements must reapply to graduate in a subsequent semester.
Applications from candidates who satisfy PS-CoB minimum admission requirements are considered for admission. The minimum admission requirements are based on a number of academic qualifications that will ensure students success during their course of study.
In addition to these qualifications, admission to PS-CoB takes into consideration the capacity of each department. Students are admitted to PS-CoB on a competitive basis and for the semester of their application.

The Dean determines, according to the college council’s suggestion, the numbers of the students can be accepted at the beginning for each academic year.