What is COOP Training/ Internship?

An internship is a monitored work or service experience that allows students to gain hands on experience in an occupational field. The structure of an internship can vary depending on the organization.

The following are common characteristics of an internship:
Typically lasts about three months and occurs during the summer, fall, or spring semester
May be part-time or full-time
May be paid or unpaid
If unpaid, may require the student to obtain academic credit and must meet certain labor law criteria
Interns should be provided with an on-site supervisor/mentor
Differs from short-term or volunteer work in that it has an intentional "learning agenda" in a structured environment
Promotes academic, career and/or personal development.

COOP Education provides you with the opportunity to work in positions related to your major field of study, allowing you to gain valuable professional experience while enhancing your academic career.

The SDC Department at Prince Sultan College recognizes the importance and the value of the COOP training program and its impact on student’s education. The COOP program constitutes an integral part of student’s education. In the COOP program, students are exposed to a real world working environment, where they are provided with the necessary tools and practical applications in order to understand and complement their acquired knowledge in their field of study at the University/College.

The COOP is a 12-credit-hour course.
The COOP period is 12 continuous weeks of practical work in a relevant field of Industry
Students can register the COOP training program in any academic semester: fall, spring, or summer
The COOP program is one of the graduation requirements for students in the College of Business. 
It is recommended to start the COOP in the senior year (last semester)

The SDC Department expects students to build self-discipline, confidence and practice proper work ethics during the COOP training.

To give PSCJ students the opportunity to work in an organization where they can benefit from a real-world working environment that will help them develop their individual and interpersonal team work skills, independence of judgment, work ethics, decision making and problem-solving skills, and utilize their academic background.

Calendar (COOP important dates)

Internship/ COOP Training Program Calendar

COOP Training Pre-registration Form
Must be an undergraduate student
Must be currently enrolled at Alfaisal University- Prince Sultan College of Business.
Completion of 90 / 95 credit-hours or more of his study.
Earned Cumulative and Major GPA of 2.50 (old) 2.75 (new) or above.
Completion or current enrollment of ENG 203 course 
Completion of any special departmental requirements.
Not subject to dismissal for academic causes.
Student is not allowed to register for any other courses during the COOP program.
Must be in good academic standing with Alfaisal University- Prince Sultan College of Business.