All applicants who are currently or who have previously studied at another College/University are considered as transfer applicants and may apply for transfer admission to PS-CoB.Transfer applicants may apply for either Fall or Spring admission.In addition to completing an admission application, transfer applicants must satisfy the following minimum requirements in order to be considered for admission to PS-CoB as a transfer student:

  • Complete admission and credit transfer applications
  • Earned a General Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent with a good average or above.
  • The content of the transferred courses must match 80% of the course content of their counterparts at PS-CoB.Only courses with a grade  of (C) or above are transferable and completed at other colleges or universities accredited in KSA.
  • Transfer applicants must submit an official transcript from each institution previously attended as well as a Catalog course description or course syllabus for all courses for which transfer credit is sought.
  • Meet PS-CoB English and Computer competency requirements.
  • He/she must be physically fit and healthy.
  • Applicants from outside KSA should provide a copy of their passport and a valid Iqama
  • Four Passport sized photographs.

Grades and quality points earned in courses accepted for transfer will not be included in the grade point average to be maintained at PS-CoB, but the credits will count toward the total number required for graduation

Undergraduate transfer applicants must satisfy all PS-CoB undergraduate transfer admission requirements for the semester of intended admission and must submit all appropriate application materials and supporting documents to the Registrar’s office by the admission deadline.A maximum of 50% of required credit hours may be considered for transfer credit evaluation. The maximum age of transfer credit hour eligibility is five years. Individual departments determine the exact number of credit hours that may be transferred and applied towards their specific degree programs.