Visiting (Guest) Students

Students who wish to take selected courses for credit in the Fall, Spring and/ or Summer but do not wish to pursue a degree at PS-CoB may be considered for admission in this category.An application fee is not required.Visiting students may register in a maximum of 48 credit hours or 4 semesters of course work at PS-CoB, whichever comes first. Visiting students may be enrolled as either full-time or part-time students.

In addition to completing an admission application, visiting applicants must satisfy the following minimum requirements in order to be considered for admission to PS-CoB as a visiting student:

1.All required original documentation, including an official transcript from their home institution, submitted to the Registrar’s office by the admission deadline.

2.Studying at a College/University accredited by an international accrediting association or by the Ministry of Higher Education or equivalent in that country.

3.Visiting students are required to satisfy PS-CoB Undergraduate English and Computer competency requirements.

4. He/she must be physically fit and healthy

5.Applicants from outside KSA should provide a copy of their passport and a valid Iqama

6.Four Passport sized photographs .

Undergraduate visiting applicants must satisfy all PS-CoB undergraduate admission requirements and must fill an application with all supporting documents to the Registrar’s office by the admission deadline.

 Visiting students are held to the same academic and Student Code of Conduct standards as all other PS-CoB students.All PS-CoB coursework taken by a visiting student remains on the academic record.

Visiting students may apply for transfer admission to PS-CoB.To be considered for transfer admission to PS-CoB, applicants must satisfy the transfer admission requirements mentioned above.